In the Media

Healing Ground Movement with Dr. Carly

Click here to listen (June 2021) In this interview I talk about how you can rewire your brain to seek and experience joy, plus an EFT Tapping experience.

Telling On Ourselves Podcast

Click here to listen (January 2021) In this conversation I talk about how our brains as humans, and addicts, work, and the need for congruency in thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Crimson Cloak Radio

Click here to listen (July 16, 2019) Inside Tired and Hungry No More. I’m the second guest on this live radio show. My interview starts at 24 minutes into the show.

Coroner Talk Podcast

Click here to listen (July 15, 2019) Is Your Job Causing You Burnout? I share my story about burnout in this interview.

The Hero Show Podcast

Click here to listen. (July 1, 2019) “I think that there is a small percentage of people who will naturally shift on their own; then there’s the rest of us that has to wait for the universe to push us past the ‘I cannot’ mentality. Most of us are comfortably uncomfortable and unwilling to go beyond that.” – Phyllis Ginsberg

The Going North Podcast

Click here to listen. (June 20, 2019) What might look bad today is going to be a gift tomorrow.” – Phyllis Ginsberg, M.A., MFT

Mind Flipping Podcast

Click here to listen. (June 19, 2019) “Phyllis shares some powerful Mind Flipping stories and helps us reframe common problems and struggles.” – Rick Paddock

The Power to Live More Podcast

Click here to listen. (June 16, 2019) “If we clear the chaos in our lives, we can get in touch with what’s right for us.” – Phyllis Ginsberg

Holistic Health TV with Russell Cohn

Video Interview with Gary Williams – (February 22, 2016) Habits –  Click here to watch.

Radio Interview with Ronnie Joy (March 1, 2016) Making Space for Something New – Click here to listen

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