Tapped In Community Event – Walnut Creek, CA 

You’re Invited to experience my Tapped In Community!

Have you heard of EFT Tapping (aka The Emotional Freedom Technique) and are curious to experience it for yourself?

Have you experienced EFT Tapping but haven’t gotten the results you’d hoped for?

I’m Phyllis Ginsberg, and I use EFT Tapping daily to help people break through self-sabotaging habits, negative thoughts that are keeping them stuck and sub-conscious beliefs that are running their lives.

What makes me different, and gets my clients the results they want in record time, is that I have a gift for zeroing in on core issues quickly and guide them to resolutions they didn’t even know they could reach.

In my over 25 years’ experience of being a therapist, I have helped thousands of people go from being stressed and overwhelmed to being calm, having clarity and being able to achieve their goals.

I personally knew Dr. Roger Callahan, the pioneer of Tapping, over 20 years ago when he was perfecting his method for mental health professionals. Since then research has proven that tapping on certain meridian points calms the fight or flight response, reduces stress and rewires the brain to make permanent changes.

If you’d like to experience EFT tapping with me, I invite you to register for a FREE Guest Pass to my upcoming Tapped In Event. Participate as little or as much as you want in a safe, supportive, intimate group.

Click below for information and to register. Seating is limited. (If you don’t live in the local San Francisco East Bay Area you can still be part of the community phone sessions.) The phone sessions are just as effective as the in-person events and you don’t have to go out or get dressed up. To contact me about the community phone sessions click here.

If you want…

  • Help to clear specific challenges that are getting in the way of living the life you desire
  • To learn practical and simple ways to do EFT Tapping for yourself on your own
  • To be with like-minded people in a fun, loving, supportive environment
  • To stop struggling and start living

…then come experience the Tapped In Community!

Click here to register as my guest for March 13th

Seating is limited Register TODAY!


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