Phyllis’ Tapped In Community

When the source of a problem is identified and addressed, stress is reduced, allowing a shift toward well-being, better health and greater productivity. People with stress-related symptoms of headaches, stomach or digestive problems, tension, pain, excess weight, a weak immune system, and difficulty sleeping, are getting relief.

If you are ready to…

  • Get to the source of stress-related and emotion-related symptoms
  • Get help to clear specific challenges that are getting in the way of living the life you desire
  • Learn practical and simple ways to do EFT Tapping for yourself on your own
  • Stop struggling and start living

…then the Tapped In Community is for you!

What is Tapping and How Do You Do It?

If you aren’t familiar with EFT Tapping, it stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is part of Energy Psychology. It’s highly successful in freeing stored emotions and rewiring the brain! By tapping on Chinese Meridian Points and saying phrases it’s possible to eliminate fears, phobias, and traumas. Research has shown that by doing EFT Tapping, it calms the part of the brain that signals stress hormones to be released in the body.

I’ve been using tapping since I learned about it over 20 years ago when it was being perfected for mental health professionals. I personally knew the pioneer of tapping, Dr. Roger Callahan.

What’s amazing is that it works – I see results for the people I work with all the time (and in myself)! I also see the power and love within the Tapped In Community, learning, healing and growing together.

Here’s what members are saying about being in the community:

I love being a part of the tapped in community with Phyllis. She is so intuitive and her energy makes you feel so at ease. I am always amazed how relieved I feel when going through EFT tapping with Phyllis and on top of that the community is filled with amazing people. It is truly a great experience! ~D.S.

Phyllis’ unique combination of intuition, sensitivity and “can do” attitude make her incredibly good at what she does. I have never left a session with her without feeling more whole, calm, and best of all optimistic. I am very grateful. ~ Vicki Dello Joio

EFT Tapping has quite literally, changed my life.  After years of therapy, self-help workshops, 12-step programs, hypnosis, and anti-depressants I attended one of Phyllis’ Brain Makeover workshops.  Phyllis asked us to share what we wanted more of to be happy.  I cried because I simply did not know what I wanted or needed.  I felt paralyzed, afraid to make changes.  Through EFT Tapping Phyllis helped me to identify, acknowledge and release my emotional blocks.  I have become “unstuck” and have made more tangible progress in six months than I have in the last 30 years.  I enjoy improved relationships with my family and myself, improved health from giving up a life-long smoking habit, I feel relieved of the guilt I carried from my divorce 15 years ago.  I have run two miles for the first time in my life, been promoted at work, remodeled my house and gave myself permission to stop driving a car I hated and didn’t feel safe driving and buy a new car that I love.  I came to accept that I deserved to be happy – and that has been the greatest gift of all.  I continue my tapping practice as a member of Phyllis’ Tapped In Community and continue to consult with Phyllis when I need help achieving goals. Today I am happy!  Thank you, Phyllis. ~ Sheila Summers


I created the Tapped In Community for YOU!

There are three (3) ways to join. 


Option 1 – Tapped In Essential – Participate in two (2) group calls each month. If for some reason you can’t call in live, you will get the recording. There is nowhere you need to travel to. You can tune in from your home, office or from anywhere.


Option 2- Tapped In Live – Interact in person with myself and the other members. Get out once a month. See some familiar faces. Be part of a local community. We do group tapping once a month in Walnut Creek, CA. With this level, you also get to participate in the two (2) group calls each month.


Option 3 – Tapped In Elevated – At this level, you get one (1) 30-minute Individual Private Tapping Call/month. This is for those who are more private or who want some extra support. You also get to participate in the two (2) group calls each month and attend the once a month Tapped In Live events. You get it all!

  • At each level, you also get to be part of the secret/private Facebook group. It’s a great way to stay connected.
  • You’ll also be the first to hear about new programs, workshops, and teleclasses.

Let’s connect and talk about what level will best meet your needs. Click here to contact me.