I just wanted to “Thank you” for the exercise (the EFT Tapping) you had us do at the Experience Unlimited meeting on August 4. A friend and I almost didn’t stay because we were unsure of what was going to be presented or if it would help us. However, when I got home that day I had an attitude of “make something happen.” I was more energetic and positive when applying online and sending out resumes.

The next two weeks I had four interviews, then received and accepted a job offer on August 27. By the way, on my drive over to my interview, I did the EFT tapping in the car. The EFT Tapping may not have landed me the job, however, I know it helped me not be as nervous or stressed so I could shine in the interview.

Thank you again and I look forward to your emails.
– J. L.


EFT Tapping has quite literally, changed my life.  After years of therapy, self-help workshops, 12-step programs, hypnosis, and anti-depressants I attended one of Phyllis’ Brain Makeover workshops.  Phyllis asked us to share what we wanted more of to be happy.  I cried because I simply did not know what I wanted or needed.  I felt paralyzed, afraid to make changes.  Through EFT Tapping Phyllis helped me to identify, acknowledge and release my emotional blocks.  I have become “unstuck” and have made more tangible progress in six months than I have in the last 30 years.  I enjoy improved relationships with my family and myself, improved health from giving up a life-long smoking habit, I feel relieved of the guilt I carried from my divorce 15 years ago.  I have run two miles for the first time in my life, been promoted at work, remodeled my house and gave myself permission to stop driving a car I hated and didn’t feel safe driving and buy a new car that I love.  I came to accept that I deserved to be happy – and that has been the greatest gift of all.  I continue my tapping practice as a member of Phyllis’ Tapped In Community and continue to consult with Phyllis when I need help achieving goals. Today I am happy!  Thank you, Phyllis.  – Sheila Summers  


When I met Phyllis I was completely unaware of how much my subconscious was running my life. When I tried to make changes using willpower alone, I continued to fall short of achieving my goals and continued to slip back into old patterns and habits. Through my work with Phyllis I learned a powerful technique that has helped me lose weight, overcome some annoying obsessive compulsive disorder tendencies and she put me on the path to permanent change. I’m so grateful for the results I’m getting through working with her.
– Julia Glyde, On Stage with Julia.


Phyllis’ unique combination of intuition, sensitivity and “can do” attitude make her incredibly good at what she does. I have never left a session with her without feeling more whole, calm, and best of all optimistic. I am very grateful.
– Vicki Dello Joio


As an extremely busy business woman with multiple businesses, I was experiencing stress at home and in my work. Phyllis listened with compassion and with no judgment. She has given me tools that I can use on a daily basis to significantly lower my stress level.
– Mary Botham, Mary Botham Consulting

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