20-Minute Philosophy

20-Minute Philosophy

Have you ever said, “There are just not enough hours in the day!?” All of us probably have heard and believed this at one time or another. My philosophy is a little bit different: I believe twenty minutes a day can be life-changing — depending on how you use it.

And, it might not surprise you to hear this from me, it all starts in our brain, with our thinking. If we THINK we don’t have enough time, our brain does not have the power to disagree, so how do you imagine we go through our days? Right! Acting as if we don’t have enough time and, therefore, wasting it.

I’m all in favor of time-management tools like setting an alarm, calendaring, doing a task spreadsheet, etc. I might ask, are these tools working for you? If they are not or if you just feel sometimes like your time and life is wasting away, then my “20-Minute Philosophy” will interest you.

Today’s video is my “20-Minute Philosophy” where I introduce some new ways to look at this concept through EFT Tapping. Using this technique frees stored emotions and builds new neural pathways that shift those messages your brain has retained, messages that no longer serve you.

Before you go to the video, I invite you to take a moment to jot down things you might do if you had extra time: start that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand, play the piano more, walk your dog, meditate – whatever it is for you. I’m using examples in this Tapping session, and later you can follow along using your own.

If you’re new to the Emotional Freedom Technique and would like an introduction before diving into the video, click here and look for “EFT Tapping Points & Video” for a 2-minute instruction video and tapping points chart below it.

We’ll do three rounds of EFT Tapping in the video below. All you need to do is follow along and repeat after me. It’s that simple!

I would love to know what kinds of things you came up with for using your 20 minutes. Please share with us all in the comments below – you may inspire someone with your idea. If you’d like some relief around the subject of how to get more out of your time or something else, contact me at http://www.phyllisginsberg.com/contact to schedule a complimentary “Feel Better” Relief Phone Session.

Do you have a friend who could use this information? Please forward this to them so they can benefit from it, too.