Meet Phyllis

In 2005, I was headed for burnout in every area of my life. I knew I couldn’t keep up the pace I was working at and be there for my family without jeopardizing my health. I tried to be there for everyone else, doing what I thought I was supposed to do while neglecting myself.

I can now say I am extremely grateful for going through that experience. It changed the trajectory of my life and put me on the path to a new, enjoyable, and satisfying life. In the process, I’ve become an international bestselling author and speaker, making a positive difference around the world.

Through my transformational journey, I’ve gained a deep understanding of what’s achievable for individuals, and my desire is to extend those possibilities to you.

It’s frustrating to struggle and not know why you can’t, once and for all, improve that one area of your life that’s not working. After helping thousands of people in my 30-plus years of being a therapist/coach, I have discovered my gifts and talents of working intuitively and using my laser-sharp assessment skills to quickly and easily trace the patterns that got people where they are today and are keeping them stuck.

Once life patterns that are getting in the way are uncovered, they can be released and replaced with something better. From there, your brain will begin to create new neural pathways and become rewired with a new way of being that is in alignment with what feels right for you and make it your New Normal or, better yet, your New Wonderful!

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