How Are You Affected by Shorter Days and Longer Nights?

On this chilly December day, I’m noticing how dark it is so early in the evening – or more like late afternoon. Darkness is a signal that it’s nighttime, and as someone who likes to go to sleep early – like a parakeet whose cage has been covered – I’m finding myself having a difficult… [Read More]

The Fear of Feeling Good

Have you ever had the experience of feeling good, and then something happened that caused you hurt or disappointment?  It could have been that: Someone said or didn’t say something. Someone did or didn’t do something. You said or didn’t say something. You did or didn’t do something. Whatever that something was, it caused you… [Read More]

What’s Next to Create?

As I sat at my desk, I started to ask myself, as I do every morning, “What’s next for me to do?” This time, what I heard myself ask was, “What’s next for me to create?” That stopped me for a moment or two — why did that thought feel different…better? I began playing with… [Read More]

Rest and Rejuvenation in a 24/7 World

I’m writing this in the summer, when the temperature is warm, the days are long, and as the song goes, “the living is easy.”  Why, then, are so many of my clients telling me they don’t have enough downtime and desperately need a break from it all? That’s not supposed to be the case in… [Read More]

What Are You Choosing to Do?

Do you spend your days doing what you should do or what you choose to do? My guess is that you do what you have to do or what you think you’re supposed to do.  We wouldn’t want to be irresponsible or disappoint someone – right? That’s what I was taught. Here’s why we lean… [Read More]