One Right Answer

One Right Answer

Were you the student in class who was the first to raise your hand when the teacher asked a question? If so, raise your hand!

Or perhaps you weren’t that student and tried to make yourself disappear so the teacher wouldn’t call on you.

Either way, you were taught that if there was a question, there was one right answer. You were tested on it, expected to know it and, in fact, if you didn’t know it, you would fail – or so you believed.

As we grew up, we realized there wasn’t only one right answer, but several possibilities and nuances. Or did we?

Neurologically speaking, our brains have been programmed to make sure that we get ‘it’ right, starting in early childhood. And for most of us, that message is still settled in our brains. If you’ve ever been told you are a perfectionist, if you ever hear that inner critic telling you you’re getting it wrong, if you feel overly stressed and pressured at work, then it’s likely you are reacting to those messages.

“I have to get it right.”

“If I don’t get this right, I fail.”

“There’s only one right answer or right way.”

In today’s video – “1 Right Answer” – I introduce some new ways to look at this concept through EFT Tapping. Using this technique frees stored emotions and builds new neural pathways that shift those messages your brain has retained, messages that no longer serve you.

If you’re new to the Emotional Freedom Technique and would like an introduction before diving into the video, click herefor the 2-minute “EFT Tapping Video” and tapping points chart below it.

We’ll do three rounds of EFT Tapping in the video below. All you need to do is follow along and repeat after me. It’s that simple!

So, is it possible that there are many ‘right’ answers? That you’re doing things perfectly right where you are? That you have all the answers inside you and you know what to do? Yes!

I would love to know what you thought of the experience – please “speak your mind” below. If you’d like some relief around the subject of “One Right Answer”or something else, contact me at to schedule a complimentary Feel Better “Relief” phone session.