What’s Next to Create?

What’s Next to Create?

As I sat at my desk, I started to ask myself, as I do every morning, “What’s next for me to do?” This time, what I heard myself ask was, “What’s next for me to create?” That stopped me for a moment or two — why did that thought feel different…better?

I began playing with replacing the word “do” with the word “create.”

The definition of the verb “create” is generally “to bring something into existence,” but the connotation of the word usually suggests something more — a sense of newness or innovation, or artists creating something unique, beautiful, or out of the ordinary.

The word “create” feels very different from the word “do.”

How many times do you say I have so much to do? Or, I need to do…?

I have identified myself as a “doer” and used to believe I wasn’t creative. “Doing” is valued in our society. It’s how many of us were raised — to be human doings rather than human beings.

The truth is that human beings are creators. We have been given a brain that allows us to think and bring about what we imagine.

We are all creative creators!

The word “create” has a feeling of lightness, curiosity, wonder, inspiration, and excitement. New thoughts emerge when you use the word create: I wonder how it’s going to come together. I wonder what it will look like. There’s an openness to the possibility of what you will create.

See how it feels to say the sentence I have to create. It sounds awkward. How about saying, I get to create? Doesn’t that feel better?

Now say, I get to create my lunch. I get to create clean clothes. I get to create an email.

We are always creating to experience a feeling — a feeling of fullness from eating, a feeling of satisfaction from a clean house and clean clothes, a feeling of connection with the person who’s received our email message. A feeling of excitement and anticipation of the possibilities we will create for our day, our business, and our life awaits us.

What might you create?