When What’s Special Becomes Ordinary

When What’s Special Becomes Ordinary

A new car, new pet, new relationship – having something or someone new in your life is fun, exciting, and well – NEW!

New things are special. We tend to take good care of a new car, keeping it clean inside and out. We give lots of attention to a new pet and a new relationship.

Over time the newness fades, the honeymoon period ends, and what was once new becomes ordinary.

There is a comfortableness that develops. What was once new becomes familiar. Sadly, over time we don’t tend to give attention to what is ordinary. We may have even moved on to a new something else that becomes the focus of our attention.

We forget, or it slips our mind to continue giving attention to what was once important to us, that we valued so highly, and thought we would continue to treasure.

It’s normal to desire new experiences, so not everything that was once special will continue to get special attention. With that said – if you value something or someone, if you want to keep your relationship with it alive, it’s going to take some time and attention.

The good thing is you get to decide what you treasure and what you let become ordinary.