Video Interview on Holistic Health TV with Russell Cohn

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Making Room for “The New”

Do you have room for the new things coming your way this holiday season and next year? Room in your home or office for gifts? Room in your schedule for time with family and friends? Room for new experiences? This time of year typically is not associated with “Spring Cleaning,” and yet many of us… [Read More]

In Honor of the World Series Champions!

Life Lessons From The World Series Champs  (An excerpt from my newly released book, Week 44 of Brain Makeover) The San Francisco Giants won the World Series on October 28, 2012, and even if you aren’t a baseball fan or into sports you too might be impressed with what I observed. Imagine how your life would… [Read More]

You CAN Have the Life You Desire

What if I told you that you CAN have the life that you desire? That a more satisfying life is within reach and it could be fun to get there? I discovered ways to make lasting positive changes and am committed to guiding people like you toward a more joyful life. If you’re tired of… [Read More]